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Lifting activities are an indispensable part of our services in the industry: industrial moves, machine transport or storage of heavy machines usually involves lifting activities. We have been specialists in hoisting and lifting machines or machine parts, for a long time now. Especially where space is limited and a creative solution is needed. In addition to our lifting work with our mobile cranes and truck-mounted cranes, we are very flexible with our extensive compact crane series.

Combination of several services during industrial lifting work

Anyone who has experienced (industrial) lifting work up close knows that hoisting and lifting goes much further than just the vertical movements themselves. Many factors come together at such times. An extensive interplay of our range of services, which must be well coordinated!

Unique approach to each lifting job

At each industrial location, there are numerous factors to consider when performing (and preparing) lifting work. Traffic, permits, trees, lampposts and other environmental factors only form a small part of them. Inside buildings there are, among other things, limited movement space, pipes, other machines, special floors or floor coatings, specific hygiene regulations or a running production environment to keep in mind. Sometimes a roof or a wall has to be opened to get lifting work done. And when machines or entire production lines are supplied from abroad, there is interim storage to consider, followed by the precisely coordinated delivery and installation of all parts in the correct order. All our lifting work for the industry always requires sharp thinking, skill and a unique approach to each individual job.

We have a suitable solution for all lifting activities. Especially when there is limited space, limited height or limited access. In recent years, we have invested significantly in compact cranes. We also have fully electric mini cranes, so that no diesel emissions enter your production environment.

Lifting work with a plan!

Well begun is half done. This is certainly true when it comes to lifting work. Carefully mapping out all factors beforehand is just as indispensable for the success of a hoisting and lifting project as the use of good materials. That is why we take the time for careful preparation. Before we start the lifting work, we analyse the location and discuss all risks and factors to consider with you in detail. If you wish, we will then draw up a thorough lifting plan or a complete project plan for a safe and efficient approach.

A few examples of hoisting and lifting

  • Machine construction using hydraulic lift systems
  • Placing or removing complete production lines or large printing presses
  • Moving or hoisting and lifting machines in factory halls
  • Replacement of heavy rollers within a production line
  • Exchanging escalators

Every project requires tailor-made lifting work. Creative solutions in which we think along with our customer each step of the way. We design the approach and take care of the necessary inspections. Before the work begins, we will come and assess your situation. We choose the right equipment, determine the location of the cranes and make a plan for the lifting work. Safety is our basis: we have qualified riggers and crane operators. Our lifting equipment is structurally inspected, so that every load can be moved safely and without dangerous situations. Want to know more? Contact us.

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Lifting services

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Projects in lifting services

Together with Nemico, we had the opportunity to relocate several historical vehicles. Indoor hoisting with compact crane With our electrically powered Hoeflon C30e we took care of the indoor hoisting of a number of old military vehicles, which we lifted out of the building. Then, together.. read more

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