Trucks and trailers

Our trucks

Our trucks meet all environmental requirements and are stocked with the most modern equipment. These modern trucks have 2, 3 or 4 axes. We continuously invest in new trucks. In addition to having skilled specialists, we believe that first-class material is an important condition to provide a good service.

First-class trucks and proud drivers

It is no secret to most customers that we prefer to drive Scania and Volvo. Our drivers all have their "own" car and treat it accordingly. You as a customer, are bound to notice this and we are proud of that.

Trailers and low loaders

Because we carry out very diverse activities and move all types and sorts of machines, we also have a lot of diversity in terms of low loaders, semi low loaders and trailers. You can also contact us for exceptional transport and transport assistance. You will recognize our trailers by the blue sheeting. All trailers are equipped with extra material to professionally secure your cargo and get it safely to the desired location.

The advantages of Albert van de Scheur

Trucks and trailers

  • Albert van de Scheur garanties
    Everything arranged from A to Z
  • Albert van de Scheur garanties
    Always available, flexible and committed
  • Albert van de Scheur garanties
    All required certification

Projects in lifting services & machine transport

Struik Foods asked us to replace a cooler during their summer break. In order to work properly, part of the side wall had to be removed. This was another great job! Good preparation and planning We took care of both horizontal and vertical transport of a 15 metre.. read more

Used equipment

More equipment

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