Safety is our foundation. We believe that this should simply be habitual in our field. If desired, we will prepare a project plan, method statement, lifting plan and/or task risk analysis for each project. This way we always provide you with a safe and reliable service,  in your specific production environment also.

All our employees have a VCA certificate and all our hoisting specialists TCVT, all our materials are structurally and continuously inspected by our own inspector, in accordance with TCVT guidelines.As a company we comply with the VCA** and we are VVT​​recognized. (VCA is a Dutch abbreviation for SCC: Safety, Health and Environment checklist for contractors, TCVT  is a foundation that supervises the certifications in vertical transport and VVT is the Dutch Vertical Transport Association).

Erkend Leerbedrijf (Recognized training company)

We would like to contribute to the future of this profession by helping to train pupils and novices. That is why we are a recognized training company.



We have permits for professional road transport of goods for all our vehicles. This is stated on the NIWO website. Our certificate can be downloaden here.

We also have an entry on the list of transporters, collectors, traders and intermediaries of waste materials. Download our certificate here.

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