Compact cranes

In addition to our large mobile cranes, we have invested considerably in compact cranes in recent years. This makes lifting in small spaces easy and effective.

Lifting in small spaces with the Compact crane

Our Hoeflon compact cranes can go anywhere, have a surprising lifting capacity and mast heights up to 21 metres. All cranes can run electrically, the C1 and C30 even run entirely on lithium battery. We also have a JMG 160 MC capable of 16 tonne metre. This titan is one of a kind and ideal for machine relocations within production sites.

We work with a permanent team of lifting specialists to operate our compact cranes. This means we can always carry out your lifting job safely and reliably.

Compact cranes for every job

Would you like to know what we can do for you with our compact cranes, also known as mini cranes? Please contact our specialists. Our compact cranes are safe, meet all environmental requirements and are electric. This makes them very useful inside the factory. As do the non-marking tires.

The advantages of Albert van de Scheur

Compact cranes

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Projects in lifting services

Together with Nemico, we had the opportunity to relocate several historical vehicles. Indoor hoisting with compact crane With our electrically powered Hoeflon C30e we took care of the indoor hoisting of a number of old military vehicles, which we lifted out of the building. Then, together.. read more

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