Machine storage

Keeping the production location free from storage of machinery is important to our customers. So the machines should be able to be stored elsewhere during an industrial relocation.

With our overhead travelling cranes, we can easily place your machines in our own fire and burglary-protected warehouses. We have more than 7,500 square meters of storage space in various halls with crane tracks bearing up to 20 tons and floors with a bearing capacity of up to 7.5 tons per square metre. Ideal for storage of heavy machinery and related items. You have also come to the right place for storage under customs supervision, the so-called customs warehousing and taking care of stock management or handling. Our warehouses are conveniently located in the heart of the Netherlands. The motorways A1 and A50 are located within one kilometer of our locations.

Work locations at your disposal

We have room for work locations to carry out your prefab or assembly work or, for example, to convert machines. This way you do not burden your own production areas and are able to keep production stops to a minimum. Of course, your employees are welcome during the entire project and our team will assist in the conversion if you wish.

The advantages of Albert van de Scheur

Machine storage

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Projects in machine storage

We were commissioned by PS Koeltechniek to install a cooler at Grolleman in the cold store in Apeldoorn. Lifting work through the roof Our work literally went through the roof. With only a few centimeters to spare, the installation had to be lifted in through the roof. The.. read more

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