Industrial relocation

An industrial relocation is quite a process which can cost a lot of time and money and can cause delay in production. Many different factors have to be taken into consideration during an industrial relocation.

Often several parties are involved in one industrial relocation. Machines and production lines are delivered and stored in various parts and separate transports. These machines then still need to be assembled or disassembled and removed or installed at exactly the right time. Industrial relocations often involve project management, so that work can be organised in the correct sequence for that particular space and so work proceeds according to plan. In addition, the hygiene and safety requirements of your specific production environment must be taken into account and road closures, permits, traffic guidance or exemptions may also be required.

All of this can be difficult for you, since these processes are probably not a part of your daily business routine. Are you looking for a partner who can take care of everything during your industrial relocation, with a minimal impact on your production process? Leave it to us!

Worldwide industrial relocations

Our professionals and extensive experience ensure that you can rely on an efficient and safe industrial relocation. Whether this concerns a single machine relocation, relocation of a complete production line or whole factory: We will take care of your relocation throughout Europe or even worldwide.

From industrial relocation to complete project management

When we say “industrial relocation” you may think of one single internal machine relocation, but often our work consists of a combination of several services within our range. Our own technicians skilfully move your production lines, usually by means of a combination of different services such as lifting work or machine transport, and carry out conversions on your machines. We also take care of installation and (dis)assembly of your machines and we can rearrange your production locations. Do you require temporary storage of your machines? View our options for machine storage. Are you facing a complex job or do you require a complete factory move? We are happy to take the project management involved, off your hands. All while minimalizing downtime and respecting all safety and quality requirements that apply specifically to your business. We have gained extensive experience in every industry.

Industrial moves as permanent installation partner

Due to our flexibility and commitment we have become a permanent installation partner for suppliers and manufacturers of machines. And, not unimportant: for our customers we are available 24/7 in case of malfunctions or incidents in production.

Are you looking for a reliable, flexible partner to coordinate and carry out the industrial relocation of your machines, production lines or entire company with minimal impact on your production? We are happy to take everything off your hands! Would you like to know more? Please contact us. We will be happy to answer any questions.

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Industrial relocation

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Projects in industrial relocation & project management

Due to the growth of the company, Total Packaging has moved from `t Harde to Harderwijk.The entire production location had to be moved as efficiently as possible and with minimal downtime, so this was a complete factory relocation! Complete factory relocation from A to Z We realised the.. read more

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