Our crane fleet of standard mobile cranes consists of cranes from the Liebherr brand. Our skilled operators use their own crane and therefore know it extensively. Every lifting job is different. In addition to having a reliable crane, the insight of the operator is very important. Our experienced operators have all the necessary certificates and have been working with us and with their own crane for years.

"The Lion of Apeldoorn"

Albert van de Scheur has always been the lifting specialist within and around this region. The nickname "the Lion of Apeldoorn" has been decorating our cranes for decades. So especially for large cranes, you have come to the right place. We can provide all types of cranes.

The advantages of Albert van de Scheur


  • Albert van de Scheur garanties
    Everything arranged from A to Z
  • Albert van de Scheur garanties
    Always available, flexible and committed
  • Albert van de Scheur garanties
    All required certification

Projects in machine storage

We were commissioned by PS Koeltechniek to install a cooler at Grolleman in the cold store in Apeldoorn. Lifting work through the roof Our work literally went through the roof. With only a few centimeters to spare, the installation had to be lifted in.. read more

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