Our history


Young descendant Van de Scheur

Albert van de Scheur was born in 1909. From the age of 11 he was already working in transport with a horse and carriage.

Albert van de Scheur

First car

In 1928 our first T Ford was bought for fl. 150,-


Founding Albert van de Scheur

The current Albert van de Scheur was founded in 1934. First together with brother Henk, and from 1937 on, both had their own transport company.

1940- 1945

The war years

During the war our cars were confiscated by Germans and all transport was done by cargo bikes.


Transport in the blood

Van de Scheur is a real transport family. The other Van de Scheur transport companies also have a shared history with our company. After the war, branches were opened in other cities. The current Van de Scheur logistics in Vianen, for example, still stems from the branch in Amsterdam, opened in 1950 and taken over by son Gijs.


Evert van de Scheur

In 1975 his son Evert took over the company and in 1990 his sons came to work for Albert van de Scheur.


Johan van de Scheur

From 1997 Johan van de Scheur was director and his brothers went their own way.

In 2017, the 4th generation became involved with Albert van de Scheur. In 2020 Johan van de Scheur retired and for the first time a director with a different surname became active.


4th Generation

Son-in-law Peter Schoenmaker is now active as the 4th generation and the current director of Albert van de Scheur. The company is being set up for the next generation and the next milestone: the 100th anniversary.

Today , our company has been around for almost 90 years . Over the past decades we have developed into a complete partner in transport and have specialized in industrial relocations.

Geschiedenis CTA

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