Manufacturing industry


Bas Haverkamp

Maintenance Supervisor at 

Owens Corning

‘Fixed points of contact with extensive knowledge’

Manufacturing industry

We have been very happy with Albert van de Scheur as a permanent partner for years. I've been working for Owens for 10 years now, but our company was already doing business with Albert van de Scheur before that too. The knowledge within Albert van de Scheur and having fixed points of contact are features that are important at Owens and we are very satisfied with these.

We are happy with how the work is carried out. We like the fact that Albert van de Scheur has fixed points of contact, with extensive knowledge. They respond quickly to emails and telephone calls. In addition, priorities are answered and judged properly and quickly. What works well in the workplace is that there is little change in staff, so our people often get to work together with the same people.

Behind the scenes at Albert van de Scheur

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